Selecting Scalable Solutions


We’re in the middle of an unprecedented change that has and will continue to revolutionize the way organizations operate.  Organizations now, more than ever, must find new ways to utilize key resources and human capital to meet the strategic and operational goals of the organization.

The game has clearly changed, but the goals and the need for results remain paramount.  The changes that we all face have impacted business in different ways which has resulted in a dramatic shift to embrace digital solutions. A key example of this is the move to a remote workforce.  Business issues that often arise and that are typically resolved with a face to face team interactions are now becoming larger challenges or are being addressed via video meetings. This has become and will be, at least for the foreseeable future, our new norm. 

What happens when these challenges impact the processes and technology within your organization?  Specifically, what happens when key system become serious bottlenecks, rather than organizational enablers? 

The answer may very well be optimization or the selection of a new scalable and modern solution.  The big question is how do you do that when the team is working remotely?  

  • You can form a committee that meets weekly, select a solution, moves forward without engaging the team
  • You can set up a poll that gathers the pulse of the team, and returns as many results as questionnaires
  • You can visit favorite sites like Google to find somewhere between 5 and 10 pages of potential results
  • OR you can work with a business partner that can help with the digital journey

Altum Strategy Group's approach to software selection efforts, considers key organizational goals, needs, and focuses on finding the right software solution that aligns to the strategic and operational goals. Additionally, Altum’s approach to software selection incorporates the needs of today's remote workforce. Altum can help your organization “re-imagine” key processes to fit the new normal and evaluate the impact that that may have on the overall organization.

So, what is Altum’s approach to Software Selection?

Altum’s approach to Software selection includes:

  • An organized approach for the analysis of business requirements, goals, and organizational objectives
  • A means of evaluating and scoring requirements against market leading solutions
  • The enablement of the “best fit” solution(s) that meets the needs of a growing organization
  • Facilitated and executed by a team that are experts in the process and that can gain a deep understanding of the organization based on information gathered throughout the process
  • A milestone-based approach that delivers key business process documents which are applicable across many different phases of the project

Key phases in the process include:

Requirements Gathering

During the Requirements Gathering phase, the Altum team will:

  1. Meet with the core and extended team of business process experts.
  2. Work with the team to develop an understanding of the current state requirements, as well as the requirements for the “next generation solution”.
  3. Develop process flows that enable a visual representation of the business team’s current processes.

Vendor Identification & Compliance

During the Vendor Identification & Compliance phase, the Altum team will

  1. Identify candidate vendors for consideration
  2. Work with the legal teams to ensure that the appropriate compliance documents, such as Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements (MNDAs) are in place and up to date.

Request for Proposal Development (RFP)

During the RFP development phase, the Altum will:

  1. Leverage the requirements, process flows, and knowledge of the business to develop a Request for Proposal for vendor review. The RFP will communicate a consistent and thorough description of the current and future state business process requirements and needs. The RFP will provide vendors with key insights into the organization’s history, core values, and culture.
  2. Distribute the Request for Proposal to all identified vendors, working at the key point of contact to coordinate the answers to critical vendor questions

Request for Proposal Response Review and Scoring

During the Proposal Response Review and Scoring phase, the Altum team will:

  1. Coordinate the completion of the RFP by the vendor teams.
  2. Enable each vendor team to have equal time to interface with the business team to develop and submit the most comprehensive response document possible.
  3. Work with the business stakeholders to evaluate the RFP responses received from the vendors on a quantitative basis, assigning scores to critical sections of the RFP and beginning to rank the vendors and the proposed solution.

Vendor Evaluation

As part of the Vendor Evaluation phase, the Altum team will

  1. Coordinate and facilitate comprehensive on-site vendor demonstrations for each vendor product and solution.
  2. Assist the business stakeholders with applying a quantitative scoring metric to the vendor demonstration, enabling a consistent ranking and evaluation of the demonstrations.

Vendor Selection

As part of the Vendor Selection phase, the Altum team will:

  1. Consolidate and validate all scores with key business stakeholders
  2. Consolidate key data points, along with key qualitative responses to provide the business team with a consolidated view and definitive selection for the next generation software package.

Key Goals

Throughout the Software Selection Process, Altum forms a partnership with our clients, enabling a working relationship that is focused on the core needs of the business. As part of this partnership, the Altum team provides open communication, clear perspectives, and honest opinions, while guiding the business team through the selection of a software package(s). Altum’s depth of experience along with a focus on identifying and measuring business requirements, applying a consistent methodology, and leveraging quantitative and qualitative scoring will remove the guesswork from selecting a solution that can scale with the growth of the business.

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